Young mother prevents calf cramps with a balanced diet Young mother prevents calf cramps with a balanced diet

Preventing muscle cramps

You can avoid painful muscle cramps! There’s a lot you can do to prevent them. Read our summary to find out what that is.

Exercises to improve circulation: minimum hassle, maximum effect

Incorporating regular, short exercises to improve circulation into your daily routine is an effective way to prevent leg cramps. For example: Stretch your feet out and twist them in one direction and then the other. Rocking from heel to toes is also effective. Perfect when you’re at home, on the bus or at the office.

Diet that is rich in magnesium

Maintaining a diet that’s rich in magnesium is important to prevent magnesium deficiency, which is the best-known cause of muscle and leg cramp. Bananas, broccoli, wholemeal bread, nuts, sunflower seeds – there’s a long list of foods that are rich in magnesium. But: To get to the recommended daily amount of 300 to 400 mg magnesium, you’d need to eat 6 bananas or 20 bread roll a day!

Sweat a lot? Top up your fluid levels

The body loses valuable electrolytes when you sweat. Including magnesium. But magnesium deficiency interferes with the balance between muscle tension and relaxation, often leading to leg cramps. So: Make sure you drink enough to reverse the fluid loss after practising sports or going to the sauna. Mineral water or fruit juice with mineral water are perfect.

Put your feet up more, or walk around for a few steps.

If you spend most of the day sitting down you will get leg cramps more frequently. A tried and tested way to prevent this is to put your feet up regularly. Another helpful tip: Walk around for a few steps to stimulate circulation in your legs.