Biolectra® Immune Direct Biolectra® Immune Direct

The modern direct supply for a strong immune system: Biolectra® Immune Direct

A strong immune system protects the body against external attacks and keeps us healthy. Zinc, selenium and Vitamin D3 have an important role to play here. Biolectra® Immune Direct helps to maintain your immune system. The major benefit of this is that: Just one stick a day helps your defences to continue working properly.

Micro-pellets for your daily immunity boost

  • To keep you supplied with the right amount of zinc, selenium and Vitamin D3
  • Handy micro-pellets that can be taken directly without liquids
  • Perfect when you’re on the move, travelling or taking a break
  • In tasty, fruity orange flavour
Packshot Biolectra® Immun Direct Food supplement

Strong protection – even in difficult times

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are essential for keeping your immune system working properly. External factors such as stress or severe fluctuations in temperature can place a particular strain on our defences. The high concentration of zinc, selenium and vitamin D3 in Biolectra® Immune Direct helps your immune system to cope, even at times like those.

A particularly handy solution: Biolectra® Immune Direct provides you with a reliable way of boosting your immune system, even when you’re on the move – just place the tasty, fruity micro-pellets on your tongue and allow them to dissolve slowly. They even dissolve without any liquid.

Zinc, Vitamin D3 and selenium for our immune system

Just one stick of Biolectra® Immune Direct is rich in zinc, selenium and vitamin D3. Zinc is an essential trace element and is found in every cell. It helps to keep hair, nails and skin in the normal condition and is needed to form special immune cells.

Selenium helps to protect cells from oxidative stress. Since selenium cannot be produced by our bodies, it has to be introduced through our diet.

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that is important, like the mineral magnesium, is important for maintaining normal muscle activity and keeping bones healthy. It regulates the activity of a number of immune cells, helping to keep the body’s defence system working normally.

Biolectra® Immun Direct at a glance

  • Product status: Food supplement
  • Dosage form: Micro-pellets
  • Flavour: Orange flavour
  • Ingredients: Each stick contains 10 mg zinc, 50 mg histidine, 50 μg selenium and 20 μg Vitamin D3 (800 IU). Please refer to the Patient Information Leaflet for the remaining ingredients.
  • Recommended dose: Take the contents of one stick once daily. Place the micro-pellets directly on your tongue. Allow them to dissolve slowly in your mouth and then swallow them. Please tear open the stick in the direction of the arrow.
  • Pack sizes: Biolectra® Immune Direct is available in packs of 20 or 40 sticks.
  • Important information: Food supplements do not replace the need for a balanced and varied diet or healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily intake level. Please keep the product in a dry place at room temperature and out of the reach of small children. Contains a source of phenylalanine. Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.